Monday, June 15, 2009

It's finally summer

At least it should be if the weather ever decides to cooperate. I have honestly never been one to eagerly await summer. I always dreaded the hot, muggy days back home that made you want to take a second shower the minute you stepped foot outside your door. I hated days where the air was so heavy it hurt to breathe outdoors. I used to count down the days until the crisp fall air rushed in again.

But there are also some things that you only get to experience in summer that are completely blissful - fireflies flittering around after dark, the sound of a cooling rainshower lulling you to sleep, the feel of a cool breeze drying you off after getting out of the pool or sprinkler on a hot day.

Summers on the East Coast have brought new additions to this list - watching the sunset on the beach, lazy days and picnics in the park, scenic drives along the coast, and eating fresh seafood.

In my recent trip back to Boston some friends and I made a visit to The Barking Crab for dinner on a perfect day. This seafood restaurant in a tent is on the Harbor and has the feel of being a million miles from the city.

Live bands play..and of course, the Sox. I've seen people dance and everyone is forced to mingle in such close quarters.

Our lobster patiently waiting for a table

We grabbed a pitcher of beer and were soon seated at a picnic table with two couples. All around us people were cracking open lobster claws with large rocks and peeling shrimp shells into plastic buckets. Fancy it's not, but it's definitely fun.

I think I just may not want summer to ever end.

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