Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's amazing

how lonely I feel in the busiest place I've ever lived.

In NYC,I'm constantly surrounded by millions of people. I see more people riding the Subway in one day than live in the entire town I grew up in, but somehow I feel very alone here most of the time.

Maybe it's the busy-ness that exaggerates the feeling. It seems everyone always has somewhere to go or something to do and friends or family to do it with. Sometimes it makes me sad to look in on it and remember that I once had that.

Yes, it's great to live in a city with a million things to do, but it's not that great when you have to do them all by yourself.

I know it takes time. This isn't the first time I've started over. Every time I leave a place I get sad because I realize I am always leaving behind these great lives. Lives that I created in a situation where I once felt this same loneliness.

So I know I need to be patient and maybe I will even surprise myself and find myself crying when I leave this city.


jennifer said...

i feel that way ALL THE TIME
funnily enough, i think i wrote a blog about it a year or so ago on my icopiedfreedom blog.

if you want to do something this weekend, just let me know! i'm usually pretty lonely too!!!


Anonymous said...

There's a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Maybe you could try to embrace this "you" time. It could be good for your soul and you might find that you aren't really so lonely afterall. And if that doesn't work...keep in mind that Boston is just a bus ride away :)