Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Park life

As much as I enjoy the city, I also love getting a break from it too.

In Boston one of my favorite past times was sitting in the Common. I would go to the Common to read, people watch and contemplate life decisions. You could find me out there on a Saturday afternoon, an evening after work and sometimes even after dark watching the stars. I had many conversations with tourists in the Common and it always made me feel happier if I were feeling lonely or sad.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I find myself looking for a similar oasis in NYC. Here are a few photos from my explorations.

Central Park

Prospect Park

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Anonymous said...

Just pretend. Shut your eyes...imagine you are where you want to be (the Boston Common if that's the case)...then open them and poof! it's almost like you're there. And remember the day, when you and I were in Central Park? Remember how you said you liked it more at that moment than you ever had before? Continue to give it a chance for it may surprise you :)